Remarkably you can’t find everything on a Google Search. What if you had a chance to look under the hood of the top revenue leaders: what tech stacks do they use and how, how do they generate pipeline predictably, how about generating leads? Our free, exclusive resources dive deep into the fine grain and give you immediate, actionable takeaways so you can improve your results even in recession.

Revenue Coaching For C-Levels

Discover the proven methods utilized by seasoned C-Level coaches to boost your company’s revenue in a recession

Released in June 2023

Unorthodox Cold Call Techniques

We’ve compiled a list of cold callers who are universally respected in B2B to break down unorthodox and classical methods (back in style)

Released in April 2023

59 Practical Prospecting Tips for the Recession

Learn how 21 top sales development experts apply cutting edge tactics to still exceed their meeting settings targets even in recession.

Released in January 2023

Exactly How To Generate Leads In a Downturn

23 marketing innovators reveal their bulletproof lead gen strategies to drive high-quality leads in recession

Released in November 2022

Exactly How The Top B2B Leaders Set Meetings

18 Sales Experts reveal the hidden strategies, tactics, and techniques to guarantee booked meetings even in a recession.

Released in September 2022

Tech Stack Secrets Revealed

30 top GTM leaders reveal their most powerful tech stack choices to drive explosive revenue growth.

Released in August 2022