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HYPCCCYCL [haɪpˈsaɪk(ə)l] is a challenger community of over 15,000 innovative C-Levels & VPs from the likes of Cisco, Okta, Salesforce, DocuSign, Gong, and many more

We have two products

CXO Community and CXO Games

CXO Community

Be where executives innovate
Join top CXOs in discussing the latest GTM innovation, cutting-edge revenue strategies, and effective revenue methodologies that are turned into whitepapers, benchmarks, email spotlights, and get featured in articles on GTM mag. For CXOs, by CXOs.

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CXO Games

Road-test your GTM against other top C-Levels
Benchmark your strategies against other C-Levels from companies that are succeeding, even in a recession. Instead of webinars, leading CXOs challenge you to work on a GTM simulation of their choice, followed by coaching, debates, and discussion.

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From Our Co-Founders

Since 2020, we’ve held over 300 experimental GTM simulations in collaboration with VPs, CXOs, and VCs like Oren Klaff, Mary Shea, Aaron Ross, Latané Conant, and Mark Roberge.

The goal is to advance the practice of GTM, benchmark revenue methodologies, solve real-world technology adoption/innovation challenges, and de-silo GTM.

HYPCCCYCL [haɪpˈsaɪk(ə)l] produces the most innovative learning experiences in the form of monthly, week-long interactive events.

We believe in merging seminal ideas in GTM with cutting-edge strategies from the future.

Our name combines the “CCC” GTM model (which focuses on Customers, Company, and Competitors) created by Kenichi Ohmae, the godfather of GTM, with a Gen Z perspective on the cycle of technology adoption, decline, and obsolescence, resulting in a satirical acronym.

Our model has been featured on Wiley and supported by over 70 leading technology companies.

We’re glad to have you onboard.

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