Our mission

Elevate the speed of innovation within the go-to-market ecosystem by bringing the C-Suite together to strategize, simulate, and push the envelope forward.
In the current economic environment, many of you are finding it difficult to overcome your GTM challenges and plan for the future.
We need to shift our focus from providing rote answers to asking hard questions.
In the past, CXOs were expected to have all the answers, but today, their role has evolved to constant curiosity rather than all-knowing.
The C-suite’s biggest hindrance to innovation is a focus on executing existing strategies instead of considering new strategies or hybrids. 
This is where CXO Games comes in: an interactive monthly business competition that brings together a community of top C-suite executives to participate in go-to-market debates, benchmark revenue methodologies, and solve real-world technology adoption challenges.
We’re looking for partners with a shared passion for GTM innovation.

What partners
are saying

You can tell that the team at HYPCCCYCL are true network professionals. The level of engagement, in combination with the quality of the individuals in the network, is rarely seen in today’s flooded market. Also, working with them has been an absolute pleasure – the exceptional professionalism and seamless collaboration they offer have made us achieve goals we never thought possible.
Johanna van Doorn

Head of Marketing at Membrain

HYPCCCYCL is pushing the boundaries of educational and entertaining SaaS content that serves the dual purpose of building a community around GTM excellence and providing an enablement function to thousands. HYPCCCYCL is one of our most valued community relationships at Chili Piper, and the partnership has been a key pillar of our success in the community space by enabling us to authentically provide value to B2B leaders who are converting to closed won customers and authentic advocates.
Daniel Cmejla

VP of Community and Brand at Chili Piper

HYPCCCYCL has driven ConnectAndSell a half dozen opportunities. They give us a platform to evangelise the value and skill of GTM teams and help them identify improvement areas in messaging, talk track design and show them what a frictionless future looks like.
Gerry Hill

Recovering CRO, ConnectAndSell

Sponsoring the HYPCCCYCL community has been a blast for us. More than 500 sales and marketing professionals have joined our B2B participant network and we’ve hit our sponsorship goals of growing our panels twice already. It’s amazing how engaging their community is, Julia and Justin have built a really strong audience!
Despoina Ioannidi

B2B Participant Recruiter at Wynter

We saw a 30% increase in Brand Search Impressions during the time period of Aug 10–Aug 20 vs the previous period.
Rahul Agarwal

Marketing Director
at 6Sense

HYPCCCYCL is an incredibly unique GTM professional community that offers partners effective ways of reaching their audience.
Jorge Soto

Head of Community and Partnerships at Reprise