GTM consulting: how to drive your business

Go-To-Market is a crucial consideration in any business. With a Go-To-Market strategy, companies determine how they’re going to take a product or service to their target audience, with the aim to improve awareness and conversions. GTM consulting offers an additional way for business leaders to ensure the commercial effectiveness of their new offering.

What is GTM Consulting?

Go-to-Market consulting involves hiring a specialist in Go-To-Market planning to provide strategic support during the process of creating and deploying a new go-to-market strategy. Go-To-Market strategy consulting helps to align commercial resources with company goals and customer expectations to improve the chances of profit maximization, revenue growth, and cost reduction.

Go-to-Market consulting helps companies to win the attention of customers in emerging markets, shift into new environments for additional sales and discover new opportunities for business growth. These professionals can also assist with things like strategy gap analysis, resource identification, and the identification of a company’s target market.

Go to Market consulting professionals specialize in:

  • Market/Product fit: Using data-driven strategies, consultants can ensure you’re targeting the right market for your product or service with the correct marketing and sales strategy
  • Gap analysis: Consultants can assist companies in determining where there may be gaps or missed opportunities in their go-to-market strategy. This can assist in ensuring companies are making the most of available resources and sales avenues.
  • Commercial alignment: A GTM consulting professional can support companies in achieving stakeholder and employee alignment around a new product launch. They can help with developing digital strategies and evaluating ongoing plans for market growth.
  • Clear planning: A go-to-market consultant will develop comprehensive blueprints to help steer product development, marketing, and sales strategies, while also assisting customer experience teams in improving brand reputation.
  • Value matrix creation: A Go-To-Market consulting professional can offer insights into the unique features and components of your business. These increases focus on factors that make you more attractive to your target audience and differentiate your brand from the competition.

A Go to market consulting company will often provide reports, analytics, and data-driven insights into how different go-to-market initiatives are impacting the overall success of the business.

GTM Consulting vs Sales Consulting

Go-to-Market strategy consulting companies to examine all of the various steps involved in bringing a product or service to your market. This means analyzing your target audience, assessing your company’s position in the industry, and addressing marketing and promotional campaigns to improve your brand’s reach. The Go-To-Market consulting strategy can also include offering insights into how sales strategies can be used to better reach the correct market and increase conversions.

Alternatively, sales consulting is a process used to improve the quality of the sales techniques used in converting customers specifically. While go-to-market consulting addresses the comprehensive end-to-end strategy for brand reputation and reach, sales consulting focuses exclusively on factors that will influence your company’s chances of sales. GTM consulting and sales consulting can have some overlaps, however, such as:

  • Customer persona creation: Both sales and GTM consulting experts need a comprehensive insight into your target audience and the kind of customers you’re attempting to reach to deliver effective strategies and results.
  • Value proposition analysis: A Go to market consultant will need to determine what makes your product or service special and different from your competition. This development of the value matrix is also important in sales strategies when it comes to presenting your solution to clients and improving your chances of sales.
  • Creating blueprints for success: Both GTM consulting and sales consulting professionals will evaluate your entire business, the marketplace you operate in and your target audience to help create a comprehensive blueprint for commercial effectiveness.

While Go-To-Market consulting will involve working on strategies that improve everything from customer perception to brand reputation, the focus of sales consulting is on delivering results you can measure through profit and revenue increases.

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