Behind the HYP

Entrepreneurs find gaps in a market and if they’re lucky enough, skate to the puck but usually, they get checked to the boards. The story of HYPCCCYCL reflects a Mobius strip or “infinite loop” of the customer journey. It’s a symbol of the brand and homage to M.C. Escher who pushed the limits of visual geometry. The 3 “C”s represent customers, competitors, and company displayed in the prevailing GTM Model by Kenichi Ohmae, Japanese Organizational Theorist.

Visionary entrepreneur, Julia Nimchinski, hired bestselling author Justin Michael initially as a “voice of the customer” within an ambitious B2B startup she created called RevGarage, a product hunt for sales methods. The result? Thousands of CXOs were tractor-beamed into RevGarage at a $2 CAC. Julia is a former CMO, Gen-Z Whisperer, and the rock n’ roll to his country (he’s a former VP of Sales).

Justin’s thinking was so disrupted by this experience, he then turned around and hired Julia to fully rebrand The collective morphed from an SDR-oriented community to a revolutionary, “Tesla of B2B,” RevOps collective featuring the world’s first-ever Technology Quotient Test. She repositioned him effectively as a provider of GTM consulting for CEOs which elevated his personal brand.

Epiphany. To disrupt the industry, they needed to disrupt themselves.

She began to cross-train on sales which quantum leaped her understanding of the customer journey. He injected marketing skills to spike sales process effectiveness. This transformation happened so fast that before you know it, Julia boldly began cold calling and Justin was analyzing site data in Google Analytics like an old pro.

Julia invented HYPCCCYCL™ stunned that there had never been a platform where various functions switched lives and roles for interactive GTM skill-building.

Identifying a chasm in the market, she invited Justin to help her cross it. They co-founded a disruptive startup where he heads up revenue efforts. Kicking out a GTM agency was phase one. Holding genre-bending, hybrid esports events, is a logical phase two. Instead of a pure cold calling (single function) game, Julia pulled a page from the Marketing T-Shape and created a T-Shaped GTM Tournament across functions.

The GTM Games™ was born under the auspices of “x-function, x-train.” Like the Winter Olympics and CrossFit, all the research points to cross-training as a powerful determinant of faster learning curves.

What was really broken in the space of e-learning for B2B? Knowledge transferred statically only retains at 20%. The market is oversaturated with passive edutainment. There was no way to gain hard skills without years of apprenticeship. How could one learn by doing over the internet?


Esports smacked them right in the face. The Learning Pyramid (NTL) describes how knowledge retention is stratified. It exposes a commonly held myth: it doesn’t actually take 20,000 hours to find initial proficiency at a skill – that’s for mastery. It turns out that via simultaneous drilling and teaching, 90% retention is possible out of the gate. J&J, therefore, concocted a series of hybrid challenges and gamified experiences not unlike the exclusive, quirky, and legendary Barkley Marathons but for Go-To-Market.

The rest, as they say, is history.


HYPCCCYCL is designed as a meritocracy where GTM Leaders from all walks of life compete and exchange innovative ideas to cross-train hard skills.

Our motives are egalitarian and purely B2B focused.

We elevate all stakeholders in the revenue supply chain to carry the industry forward with explosive and electric GTM experiences.

Our views are our own and do not represent the views of any company sponsor, participant, or coach.

We operate by one criterion: common sense.