Sep 13th — 23rd | Online


Get the strategies you need to thrive in the downturn
from the world’s top GTM leaders and VCs.

Methods That Work

B2B Paradox: Thousands of methods, nothing is working. The more popular one gets, the less effective it becomes. In this event, we’ll cross-train you on top-performing GTM methodologies so you can craft your own unique method to serve as a competitive advantage in the downturn.




Solution Selling




Ecosystem-led Growth

Latané Conant

CMO, 6sense

Latané Conant

CMO, 6sense

Sangram Vajre

Partner, GTM Partners

Game 14

MEDDIC vs Inbound

The Rules

Six sellers will face-off in a series of Revenue Methodology challenges. Top coaches will take the first ten minutes of the game to teach a lesson that highlights the specific sales methods like MEDDIC. Contestants will then have 30 minutes to practice and demonstrate that methodology. They will be judged against each other’s performance and the lowest performer will be eliminated each day. Then the competition flips week 2 where marketers compete coached by sales leaders. The seller who demonstrates the best mastery of the MKT method will go on to compete head-to-head with the marketer who has exhibited proficiency in the sales method. The competition culminates in a VC Endgame which is a GTM simulation.


Part I

Sales leaders drill proven marketing methods

We’ll prove that the best sales method you’ve ever used is built by fusing it
with marketing methods. This simulation breaks all the boundaries of GTM.

Meet the Contestants

SDR, Ontop

Operations Manager, SalesWings

Account Director at SalesScreen

Founder at PitchGrid

Strategic AE at Lattice

Inside Sales Lead, DRUID AI

Part I Agenda


Sep 13th

10:30 AM, PT / Online

Market/Demand Analysis

Can a salesperson operate like a Deloitte consultant? How do you conduct a SWOT analysis of a market, figure out where the blue ocean is in a sea of red, and define the strategy/ tactics to how to go after it? Sellers need to things to become trusted advisors, trust and advice.


Director GTM Operations, SaaS Labs


Sep 14th

10:00 AM, PT / Online

Carole Mahoney Method

Carole has been called the “Sales Therapist” by a Harvard Business School professor. She coaches Harvard Business School Entrepreneurial MBA students on sales, been featured as a top 15 sales Influencer in 2020 by LinkedIn, a Woman to Watch in Sales by Sales Hacker, and a top sales coach by Ambition.


Founder at Unbound Growth


Sep 15th

10:30 AM, PT / Online

OODA Loops

Fighter pilots employ a methodology called the OODA Loop (observe–orient–decide–act) to guide their real-time decision-making. Your saving grace – what separates you from failure and death – isn’t absolute precision or better weapons or better vision or better reflexes. If you can make a better decision faster than you win.


Chairman and CEO, Proof


Sep 16th

10:30 AM, PT / Online

Jedi Method

Jed is back with the exact cold email methods he’s used to scale successful SDR teams at PandaDoc & Mailshake. Learn how to create an effective sequence, write simple, relevant emails that get a response, and unorthodox email strategies that will separate you from the rest.


Head of Outbound Sales, Mailshake

Part II

Marketing leaders drill proven sales methods

Marketers secretly want to use sales methods but now they’ll test out why it
actually improves GTM. Test, learn, and shatter convention with us.

Meet the Contestants

Growth Marketing Consultant at Impressive Clicks

Head of Growth and Operations at Navattic

Marketing Strategy Director at Access Marketing Company

Community manager at JustCall (SaaS Labs)

Director of Enterprise GTM at CommerceIQ

Director, Demand Generation at Vena Solutions

Part II Agenda


Sep 19th

10:30 AM, PT / Online

Permission-Based Method

Brynne redefines social selling as something that is beyond pitch-spamming. She teaches her clients how they can earn the likes and the right to connect with people on LinkedIn using strategies that put more emphasis on relationship building rather than sales pitching.


LinkedIn Whisperer and CEO at Social Sales Link


Sep 20th

10:30 AM, PT / Online

PREDICT© Selling

How do you know if a large deal is likely to close? Try using PREDICT SELLING by one of the top reps ever at Salesforce. P: Problem with Pain, R: Reason, E: Engagement, D: Decision Maker and Process I: Impact, C: Cost, T: Timeline – Learn precisely how to qualify the largest enterprise deals and hit your number from this SaaS legend.


Founder & President, Ian Koniak Sales Coaching Inc.


Sep 21st

10:30 AM, PT / Online

Challenger Methodology

Great sellers need the ability to add value out of the gate by providing insight, and educate our buyers on how to evaluate our solutions. Teach, tailor, take control is an effective way to get our GTM teams to challenge our buyers but also lead them through an evaluation they otherwise don’t know how to best run.


SVP Sales, 6sense


Sep 22nd

10:30 AM, PT / Online

REPLY Method

Jason will coach us on REPLY, an actionable messaging framework to increase response rates, break through the clutter, and land more meetings. REPLY: Relevant results, empathy, personalization, laser focus, you-oriented. Take your outbound game up a notch!


Founder & CEO, Outbound Squad

Part III

VC Endgame

These two top contestants will demonstrate the highest degree
of skill in blending cross-functional GTM methodology. In The
Endgame they will compete to the death.

The Finalists

Cameron Rochette
Operations Manager, SalesWings
Natalie Marcotullio
Head of Growth and Operations at Navattic

Part III Agenda


Sep 23rd

10:30 AM, PT / Online

VC Endgame

Jeffrey Silverman is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Laconia, which was launched in 2014. A seasoned operator turned investor, Jeffrey has over 20 years of experience building early stage technology and media companies. Some of his notable investments include TripleLift, PromoteIQ, FreeWheel, LevelSet, SyncOnSet & ALICE.

GTM Maven

Managing Partner, Laconia

Meet the Hosts

Julia Nimchinski & Justin Michael are Co-Founders of
HYPCCCYCL, a former CMO and VP of Sales respectively
embodying the GTM cross-training mission.

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