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other’s Revenue skills.



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We believe GTM is a sport, not a theory. Therefore practicing interdisciplinary
skills will give us the mastery to disrupt markets.

Mary Shea

The HYPCCCYCL GTM cross-training competency model will further blur the lines and siloes between Sales, Marketing, Product and Operations to foster better collaboration, innovation, and empathy across teams. Leveraging real-world scenarios, these unique and interactive events will challenge professionals in new ways and showcase the interdisciplinary skills and coordination needed to thrive in the modern world of B2B buying and selling.

Mary Shea

Global Innovation Evangelist at Outreach; Former Principal Analyst at Forrester

Official partner


Mary Shea

Global Innovation Evangelist at Outreach

Mary Shea

Global Innovation Evangelist at Outreach

Aaron Ross

Co-CEO at

Aaron Ross

Co-CEO at

Game #10

Marketing vs Sales

Cross-train your Go-to-Market skills

What’s the best way to make a seller shut up? Make them build a marketing plan.
What’s the best way to make a Marketer humble? Make them do sales calls. In this
revolutionary Battle Royale oil and water will mix and float together. No peace on
Earth. Scars, stories and yet — better GTM leaders who “get it”. You be the judge!

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The Rules

Six sellers will face-off in a series of marketing skills challenges. Top coaches will take the first ten minutes of the game to teach a lesson that highlights the specific skill like personal branding. Contestants will then have 30 minutes to practice and demonstrate that skill. They will be judged against each other’s performance and the lowest performer will be eliminated each day. Then the competition flips week 2 where marketers compete coached by sales leaders. The seller who demonstrates the best natural marketing ability will go on to compete head-to-head with the marketer who has the best natural selling ability. The competition culminates in the GTM Endgame.


Part 1

Sellers become Marketers

We turn two-dimensional GTM leaders into three-dimensional powerhouses.
You are here to learn by doing.

Meet the Sellers

Head of Sales, Chat Metrics

Account Executive, Carabiner Group

Manager of Sales, SaaS Labs

SDR, Manager, Mixmax

Managing Member, Evergreen Business Services

President, Co-Founder, Co-CEO, White Rabbit Intel

Part 1 agenda


May 10

10:30 AM, PT / Online

No pitch contest

If you ask a sales person to screw in a lightbulb they will first spend one full hour pitching you. Learn how to stage a compelling value narrative around a theme or a trend that inspires clients to buy.


VP, Revenue & Growth, JustCall


May 11

10:30 AM, PT / Online

Story selling

Our brains are hard wired to viscerally respond to stories since the days when we lived in caves. The problem is we bombard our prospects with facts and figures. Learn the art of effective storytelling and you won’t have skinny kids.


CEO, Levitin Group


May 12

10:30 AM, PT / Online

Personal branding

When you treat your LinkedIn profile like a CV with phrases like “quota crusher” you scare prospects away. Personal branding is so easy it’s hard. We’ll help you get out of your own way and think of yourself like Nike.


President, Heinz Marketing


May 13

10:30 AM, PT / Online

Social Selling

Salespeople are anti-social. To cure themselves, they must think like content marketers. “Pull” prospects toward them with engaging ideas, vs. bludgeoning them over the head with a “connect-and-pitch.” This drill unlocks your inner Gary Vee to become a media mogul on LinkedIn with a data-driven approach.


Chief Visibility Officer, Vengreso

Part 2

Marketers become Sellers

We turn two-dimensional GTM leaders into three-dimensional powerhouses.
You are here to learn by doing.

Meet the marketers

VP of Marketing, mobileLIVE

VP of Growth at
10X Incubator

Causes + Social Media, Sprout Social, Inc.

Co-Founder, Project Kick Ass

Performance Marketing Manager, Refine Labs

VP Marketing and Brand Strategy, Mentoring Minds

Part 2 agenda


May 16

10:30 AM, PT / Online


Whether it’s the FBI, Harvard or your five-year old niece, it’s not always easy to get what you want. Get ready to negotiate your heart out.


Founder, Unbound Growth


May 17

10:30 PM, PT / Online

Cold calls

In this challenge, marketers will learn how to open cold calls, handle objections, get past the gatekeepers, and get a meeting with anyone.


CEO, ConnectAndSell


May 18

10:30 AM, PT / Online


Effective demos are like choreographing a ballet. We are going to make it hard for you, so you can make it look easy, later.


CEO & Chief Sales Trainer, Hoffeld Group


May 19

10:30 AM, PT / Online


Marketers fundamentally are ahead of the curve with RevOps. That’s because it’s the wicked stepbrother of MarOps. But what if you carried a quota and had to hit the same number as the sales team? You’re about to get whiplash with how fast theory moves into practice.


Chief Evangelist and Co-Founder at Terminus

Part 3

The Endgame

These two top contestants that will demonstrate the highest
degree of skill and natural ability cross-functionally.
In The Endgame they will compete to the death.

The Finalists
Sandeep Gaur
Manager of Sales, SaaS Labs
Jennifer Hoitsma
Vice President, Marketing & Strategy, Curriculum Associates


May 20

10:30 AM, PT / Online

VC Endgame

Your go-to-market strategy is essential to nailing product market fit so you can penetrate a new market, get traction, and scale your idea. In this event each contestant will build a GTM strategy to the specifications of the GTM maven, applying everything they’ve learned.

GTM Maven

Founder/ General Partner, GTMfund

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Hard skills, hard won.
Real world simulations for real world results

How do you harden steel? You create an alloy by adding other metals. We believe
that by fusing interdisciplinary skills into a series of gamified experiences, we can
accelerate the learning curve to develop hard skills.