What is a Demand Generation Consultant and why do you Need One?

A demand generation consultant could be the secret weapon your business has been looking for. Committed to generating leads and opportunities for your business, these professionals can help you to build a comprehensive strategy for sales and marketing success.

More than just experts in marketing and research, demand generation consultants can show you what you need to do to transform your business.

What is a Demand Generation Consultant?

Demand generation consulting is a complex role with a lot of different facets to it. Most demand generation consultants are responsible for increasing opportunities for companies in search of leads. They might offer advice on where you can begin to increase demand for your products and services, by reaching out to new potential customers.

Demand generation consultants research your company, market, and competition, to help you pinpoint opportunities for growth you haven’t spotted yourself. They discuss potential opportunities with shareholders and even give you insights into the kinds of tools and technologies you can use to make generating and managing leads a little easier.

Demand Generation Activities examples

If you’re considering investing in demand generation consulting for your company, you may be wondering what “demand generation” as an activity can involve. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to demand generation. The strategies you use to earn attention from potential leads will differ depending on your market and target audience.

Indeed, the vast number of demand generation activities companies can explore today is one of the reasons why a demand generation consultant might be necessary. A consultant can help you determine what kind of skills you need to look for in a person taking on a demand gen role.

Some popular forms of demand generation involve:

  • Giveaways: Contests, downloads, free offers, and similar “giveaways” generate attention from your target audience while creating a sense of trust between your brand and audience. Giving things away also reflects well on your brand reputation, encouraging consumers to evolve into “brand ambassadors”.
  • Using social media: Using social media tools like Facebook is a great way to generate attention for your company and create demand. You can use lookalike audiences on Facebook and Instagram to reach out to customers who share characteristics with clients who already purchased your products in the past.
  • Partnerships: Partnering with superstars in your industry and influencers makes your product or service seem more credible and appealing. Demand generation consultants can even use their knowledge of your brand and audience to determine what kind of key influencers you should be connecting with to boost brands awareness.
  • Paid campaigns: Implemented paid search engine, social media, and display marketing campaigns help you to position your product and company in front of a targeted audience. Your demand generation consulting team will help you to evaluate where to place paid advertisements based on a knowledge of your brand.
  • Psychological techniques: Psychological marketing techniques leverage things like “fear of missing out” or “exclusivity” to generate a sense of demand for your products. With a demand generation consulting team, you can explore a range of ways to connect with customers on a psychological level.

Why Hire Demand Generation Consultants?

As competition in the digital world continues to grow, generating demand is becoming increasingly difficult. While anyone can place a product or service online with the help of a website building service, not all companies can generate “demand” for what they’re trying to sell. Demand generation consultants can help with this.

Demand generation consultants can help your company:

  • Reach crucial KPIs and revenue goals by boosting your chances of sales
  • Discover new ways of improving your brand reach and awareness
  • Connect with customers on a deeper level and generate brand loyalty
  • Train your team on new opportunities to attract and convert leads
  • Explore new ideas on how to enhance your demand generation strategy
  • Use new technology to improve your chances of gaining new leads

The evolution of the digital marketing world has prompted an increase in the availability of demand generation consultants. Today you can find these professionals offering their services online through LinkedIn and dedicated websites. You might even be able to find demand generation consultants working with marketing and lead generation agencies.

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