The Best Sales Books to Read in 2022

The best sales books can offer behind-the-scenes insights into how you can become a more effective salesperson. With real-world stories and actionable advice from some of the most innovative sales professionals in the market, you can discover the missing ingredient to your success.

With new guides being published all the time, it’s worth making sure you keep your library of sales books up to date. Here are some of the top titles to add to your list for 2022.

1. David R. Cook: How to be a Great Sales Person by Monday Morning

Written by the phenomenal David R Cook, “How to be a Great Salesperson…By Monday Morning” is one of the top sales books for small business owners and new sales professionals. The sales manual talks you through everything you need to know about creating demand for your product among potential customers and shortening the sales cycle.

David covers how to organize follow-up conversations with leads, when to start and stop selling, and how to make the most of every sales interaction. If you want an easy-to-follow guide to everything you need to know about successful selling, this is it.

2. Zig Ziglar: Selling 101

Easily one of the most popular sales books on the market today, this book is the go-to introduction for effective selling. If you’re just pursuing a new career as a sales rep, Zig Ziglar will introduce you to all the basics you need to know, from cold calling, to connecting with customers.

The easy-to-read and effective books includes examples to help you understand how to use certain sales tactics more effectively, and handy exercises too. The exercises help you to put the things you learn during the book into practice before taking them out with you on selling excursions.

3. Justin Michael & Tony J. Hughes: Tech-Powered Sales

This is the first-ever manual on RevOps for tech stack optimization. The book features hundreds of interviews with leading sales tech tool vendors, real-world practitioners of top-funnel optimization, and a celebration of Technology Quotient or TQ.

The vast majority of sellers are “technology avoidant.” By improving your TQ, you will have an edge over your competitors, smash quota, and bulletproof yourself from being placed by machines.

The book contains specific sequence frameworks, neuroscience-backed prospecting principles, and all the latest tactics for creating relevance at a massive scale in the AI/ML autonomous SDR future. If you carry a quota and your job is to hunt, this is the most advanced book ever written on creating synergy in your sales technology approach.

4. Jeffrey Gitomer: 21.5 Unbreakable laws of selling

Jeffrey Gitomer is one of the better-known authors of sales books in the modern world. With best-selling titles like 12.5 principles of sales, and 21.5 Unbreakable laws of selling, Gitomer ensures you have all the guidance you need to be a more successful salesperson.

The 21.5 unbreakable laws of selling is one of the more recent books to be introduced by Jeffrey into his line-up, and it’s great for getting a behind-the-scenes guide into becoming a more trustworthy seller. Make sure you take a look.

5. Ryan Serhant: Sell it like Serhant

Written by Master of Business, Ryan Serhant, “Sell it Like Serhant” is an all-access manual on how to sell more, and earn more in today’s modern world. The book has already earned a position as one of the top national best-sellers in the sales landscape, making it a must-read for any professional.

Serhant offers an easy-to-follow introduction to how you can achieve better long-term success in business. You’ll learn how to build your confidence when interacting with leads, generate better results, and find your hook when building relationships.

6. Brian Tracy: The Psychology of Selling

One of the most popular sales books in the world today, the Psychology of Selling covers everything you need to know to triple your sales revenue in no time. In this book, Brian Tracy gives sales professionals methods, ideas, and strategies to help them unlock bigger and better sales results.

Already, Tracy has a reputation for producing some of the most effective sales books in history, such as “Earn What you’re really worth”. The Psychology of Selling provides more of the best-selling insights Tracy is known for, so you can master what it really means to be a professional salesperson.

7. Chet Holmes: The Ultimate Sales Machine

Chet Holmes, the author of “The Ultimate Sales Machine” has been called one of the top change experts on the company, making him a definite one-to-watch when it comes to sales guidance. With this book, salespeople will get an insight into 12 fantastic strategies they can use to improve the results of their sales tactics.

You’ll learn how to master various different kinds of selling, and how to take steps that allow you to work smarter instead of harder when you’re working on increasing revenue. Chet’s easy-to-follow guidance makes this book a great choice for beginners who might want to avoid books with too much jargon too.

8. Lee Salz: Sales Differentiation

Finally, differentiation is one of the most important tools for any business owner to leverage when trying to connect with their target audience. With Sales Differentiation by Lee Salz, you’ll learn what it means to set yourself apart from the crowd, with tips from a sales management strategist.

The guide covers 19 comprehensive concepts to guide you through achieving your quotas and winning more deals at the right prices. Lee teaches us being successful in today’s competitive world isn’t just about what you sell, it’s about how you sell it.