The Benefits of e-Learning Sales Training

E-learning sales training opportunities could represent one of the most powerful tools business leaders have when it comes to supporting and empowering their sales teams.

Most business leaders know it’s important to train their sales representatives regularly if they want to keep them ahead of the curve with the latest strategies and techniques. However, offline training can be time-consuming and expensive. The era of e-learning sales training is here.

What is e-Learning Sales Training?

E-Learning sales training (or eLearning sales training) is a solution for educating your salespeople in a digital-first environment. Over the last couple of years, the demand for e-learning opportunities has increased drastically as a result of the pandemic. We’ve grown increasingly accustomed to connecting with fellow students and teachers online, as face-to-face instruction becomes less common.

Currently, the market for e-learning overall is accelerating in value, at a rate of 20% CAGR between 2021 and 2028, and virtually all business leaders are looking into this landscape to empower their teams. For salespeople, in particular, e-Learning sales training offers a flexible solution to access education through videos, webinars, and even quizzes distributed online.

With a sales training program delivered via digital means, sales professionals have the freedom to expand their skills at the time and pace that makes the most sense for them.

Why is sales training Important?

Regular sales training is important because it ensures your team members have the skills and knowledge required to close deals and build relationships with customers. The methodologies used in the sales landscape today are constantly changing, and sales professionals need support to stay ahead of the curve.

Regular sales training ensures your employees know how to use the latest techniques to interact with customers on your behalf, generating new opportunities for growth. You can also use sales training strategies to teach team members how to use new tools and software that might be necessary when interacting with modern customers.

A strong sales training strategy will assist your teams in building brand loyalty, understanding your audience and their pain points, and making better overall sales pitches. It also ensures your teams can:

  • Adapt to changes in your marketplace and customer preferences
  • Optimize the customer experience throughout the sales cycle
  • Close deals faster with fewer objections
  • Learn from mistakes and avoid common problems
  • Improve transferable skills like leadership and communication

The Benefits of Sales Training Online

While any form of sales training can be beneficial to your team, E-learning sales training has distinct benefits. With e-learning, sales professionals have more freedom to adjust their learning experiences around their chaotic sales schedules. Many solutions are available to access at any point in the day, and lessons don’t have to eat into an employee’s work time.

E-learning sales training also offers:

  • Ease of use: Any sales person at any level of experience can usually log into an online service and access training resources. Many of the e-learning sales training solutions available today provide a range of learning opportunities to choose from, including access to videos, one-on-one training sessions, and more. You can also onboard team members from anywhere in the world, and allow them to access resources instantly.
  • Reduced costs: Usually, training an employee through an online service is much less expensive than paying for someone to come out and guide your employees face-to-face. You’ll also be able to reduce the costs of downtime for your sales agents who would otherwise have to take time off to attend classes.
  • Versatility: Training sessions offered online can adapt to suit a wide range of different sales styles and learning needs. You can access courses covering everything from social selling, to how teams can use cold calling techniques. Companies could even build an entire library of training sessions and classes for their teams. What’s more, each of these learning options could come with different ways to learn to suit your salespeople.
  • Flexibility: Online sales programs and e-learning sales training opportunities are available on a range of different devices, at any time when your employees need them. This makes it easier for everyone in your workforce to access the same resources, no matter how chaotic their schedule might be.
  • Tracking: Business leaders can track the performance of team members on sales training accounts and courses, and pay attention to who is investing the most time into their personal development, and who needs extra support. It’s also easier to see which courses are the most popular, so you know what to invest in for future team members.

The Rising Demand for e-Learning

Elearning is rapidly emerging as an extremely popular tool for training and development in every landscape, including the sales environment. Offering the perfect combination of ease of use and flexibility, e-learning solutions can empower sales teams to accomplish more in a customizable environment.

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