How to Make Cold Calling Fun: Easy Ideas

Learning how to make cold calling fun can sometimes feel like an impossible feat. While cold calling is one of the most common components of the modern sales strategy, it’s rarely an exciting process.

For the most part, cold calling involves spending hours dialing number after number, searching for someone who might be willing to hear your sales pitch. So how do you make something like this into an interesting experience? Here’s how you can make cold calling into fun calling.

1. Create a fun environment

Where you work can be as influential as what you’re doing. When you’re trying to make the most of cold calling as a vital sales strategy, surrounding yourself with the right atmosphere can make all the difference. Rather than sitting in a silent home office, watching the hours tick by, consider playing some music in the background, so you have something interesting to listen to as you wait. This is much easier to do these days when home and remote working are more common.

2. Remember to smile

Did you know that smiling actually makes you feel happier? It’s part of the reason why laughter is the best medicine. Smiling when you’re chatting on the phone can make calling fun, and it helps to make you sound clearer, friendlier, and more positive when you’re connecting with leads. Even if you don’t feel like you’re having fun calling people, pretend you are, and the rest will follow.

3. Stay mobile

Sitting in front of a computer and desk phone all day can be emotionally and physical exhausting after a while. To help yourself stay motivated, consider getting up and walking around when you’re dialing. Walking while talking will help to keep your brain active, and it should stop you from feeling bored and lethargic as early at work.

4. Do your research

Doing your research before you start cold calling will make you feel more confident, which instantly makes the experience more engaging. When you don’t feel like you’re repeating the same thing over and over, but speaking to a real human with a real understanding of their needs, you begin to see the value in the work you’re doing.

5. Use each call as an opportunity to learn

Cold calling can be a lot more fun when you’re not looking at it as a waste of time. This strategy is one of the most popular ones in sales for a reason. With that in mind, look for opportunities to learn from your calls and develop your sales strategy. Prepare powerful opening sentences you can test out on prospects and consider planning ways to challenge your customer’s reasons for not buying.

6. Ask more questions

Cold calling can begin to feel exhausting when you’re following the same script over and over again. Though following playbooks can help to improve your chances of success, it doesn’t exactly make calling fun. Asking questions helps to make the conversation a little less predictable. Through open questions, you can form the foundation of a genuine, meaningful conversation, and gather information about your prospect for later sales opportunities.

7. Stay focused

This can be difficult, but you’re more likely to feel excited, engaged and in the zone if you’re not distracted. Try to block out anything that could pull your attention away from your tasks. This is particularly important if you’re working from home where there are distractions all around you. Consider having a separate room where you can focus on your calls.

8. Use rejection as motivation

If you’re wondering how to make cold calling fun when you still feel the impact of every lost call or rejection, it’s easy to get demotivated. While nobody likes missing out on a sales opportunity, rejection can be a powerful motivator. It’s a chance to learn more about what your customers really want and push yourself to accomplish more.

9. Reward yourself

One of the easiest ways to make cold calling fun is to reward yourself for a job well done. Set targets for yourself every day, week and month, and reward yourself when you hit that target. The reward can be something small, like a cup of your favourite coffee.

10. Develop a thicker skin

As mentioned above, it’s hard to think of cold calling as fun calling when you’re still offended by every negative comment from a lead. If you’re going to survive in this competitive environment, it’s important to develop thick skin. Learn how to ignore the negative comments that you hear and let them roll off you like water off a duck’s back.

It is possible to make cold calling fun, you just need to spend some time experimenting to find out what works for you.

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