Category Disrupt: Traditional Sales Training Becomes Technology Quotient





Behind the hype


How do you take a business consultant that has 6k competitors and build the most savage B2B brand + community ever to make him stand out in the crowd?

Justin Michael is a sales consultant who wrote a book on Technology Quotient (TQ). In the book he talks about becoming a salesborg which is a seller meets cyborg.

He was struggling to drive consistent retained business and get his community to grow. By trying to be something to everyone, he struggled attracting the ultimate ICP.


To disrupt the conventional Salesborgs brand approach, we built a gamified TQ test, the first-ever of its kind. The mechanic is a viral feedback loop which perpetually delivers testers back to the website to keep attempting to pass the test and get a higher score. This drives consistent book sales and lucrative consulting work from a C-level audience.

The community is now an exclusive experience that commands the attention of the industry.

Justin’s new brand presence dominates the category of RevOps. His work is taken seriously by industry analysts.